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The Cacahuamilpa Caves National Park, which extends to the north of the state of Guerrero over an area of ​​1598.26 hectares in the municipalities of Pilcaya and Taxco de Alarcón. Cacahuamilpa is a Nahuatl word whose meaning is: "in the peanut sowing", or a fertile place for the cultivation of peanuts. In the Chontal language, its name was Cocoyocuatl, and the cave was known by the indigenous people as salachi, a ceremonial place.

The main ecosystem of the park is terrestrial, basically low deciduous jungle, but there is riparian vegetation and during the rainy season aquatic ecosystems can be established.

Location: They are located 31 kilometers from Taxco. Here you can descend into the caves to appreciate various rock formations that create a fabulous spectacle in contrast to the lights; you can also do rappelling and climbing.

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We preserve the colonial tradition of our city Taxco de Alarcón, Guerrero, reflected in the architecture, decoration, and atmosphere of our centrally located, tranquil, and welcoming place, which offers all the services one has in mind when seeking accommodation at affordable rates.